Top 10 Best Washing Machines in 2016

Washing machine is one of the most useful household products that many people use it diary. In this modern day, more and more people love to purchase this kind of greatest-help washing machine as it can be independently performed without any human moderator needed. Hence, people can do something instead of spending time washing clothes and this absolutely saves energy for them as well. Buying this machine is not a waste as it could provide many benefits for owners. Therefore, it would be a good idea to consume one washing machine for your lovely family. Here are the lists of 10 best washing machine in 2016 that is very attractive to any types of holders.

1.Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine

Panda is one of the best washing machines that is enabled to bring to anywhere with its original weight of only 28lbs. Furthermore, this panda washing machine is very suitable for operate, and powerful just only fill in the water into its tank and set timer for cleaning. Amazingly, it is ergonomically designed with one side for washing and another side for spinning so that your clothes will be automatically clean easily. Moreover, this product is extremely perfect not only for home using, dorm, or apartment, but it does also fit with traveling as well.



2.Speed Queen

Speed Queen is another best washing machine which has many amazing features to engage people to buy it. One of its wonderful feature is that this washing machine is very durable product as it is originally made of commercial-grade steel cabinet and stainless steel tub. Moreover, it is the top load washer that provides 3 .3 cu. Ft. capacity for a comfortably load. This best-buy washing machine is designed with full tub wash and rinse which is enabled to store water fully to propose a good wash afterward.



3.Panda Small Portable Washing Machine

This model of Panda product is the best washing machine that can be performed with greater capacity of 10lbs -12lbs. Interestingly, this product is definitely built in pump that is on the purpose to ease during drainage. In addition, it is one of the brand washing machine that serves the needs of the users with great quality of cleaning. This model is designed to fit the use for a small or medium family or around 3 to 6 family’s members. Take it home to make your day longer and even enjoy-full.



4.Giantex Mini Washing Machine

This is another best washing machine which is decorated with amazing colours of white and blue that is fit in all type of home decoration. Moreover, it can be stored water which is lower than 54 ℃. Amazingly, this product consists of high capacity up to 11 Lbs for performing it machine. This washing machine is designed with small size or compact size with high capacity and spinning dryer capacity of 6.6 Lbs. This portable washing machine is available to place in Dorms, Apartments, Condos, Motor Homes, RV’s, Camping and so on.



5.Laundry Alternative Washing Machine

This laundry machine is the best washing machine that is its own unique ability to make your clothes even more cleaner and better. This is designed to fit the high temperature water up to 120 degree Fahrenheit water. Moreover, this product does not require washer-dryer hookup as well. Interestingly, this best washing machine is 35 pounds which is easy to transform its place. This is very wonderful product to consume as it is rate as 4 out of 5 in Amazon Page. Want to make your lifestyle even better, bring this washing machine home to modernize your home and your life.



6.XtremepowerUS Electric Washing Machine

It is another best type of washing machine which is designed with mini size of both washer and dryer. By that, it is very flexible to place in anywhere you wish in your home, dorm, apartment, motor home or office. Noticeably, this amazing machine is great for medium laundry loads which is capable with lower 8 pounds of clothes for a washing time. It is ergonomically designed to make users easy to control the machine with its dual functions to perform its task fully and independently.



7.LG Washing Machine

It is the brand of LG that is considered as the best washing machine that attracts millions of buyers annually. This LG machine is rate as 4.3 in Amazon Page, which is the greater score than others. It is decorated with the elegant colour of graphite that makes it more attractive. Furthermore, it is designed with the electricity that enables to machine to work effectively and efficiently. This best washing machine consists of both washer and dryer so that users will find it convenient to use this as the clothes will automatically clean by itself.



8.Whirlpool Gidds Washing Machine

This Whirlpool Gidds is another best washing machine that draws many people’s attention. For its outlook, it is coloured with white design plus a simple and easy control buttons. This washing machine is able to performed its work effectively with its wash basket that could adapt for both large and small loads. This USA product is weight up to 132 pound that can maintain its stability during progressing. Buying this best washing machine seems like you have your personal assistant for cleaning your clothes.



9.Manatee Washing Machine

It is one of the best washing machine that it designed within compact size and high capacity of 11 pounds. It is coloured with white and sky blue that is fit with all type of home decoration. Additionally, this wonderful machine is originally made of high quality plastic material to make it durable for using. Another best feature of this washing machine is that it is built in drain pump which is automatically transfer water from the washer independently. Take it home to make your weekend longer without worrying of washing clothes by yourself anymore.



10.Haier Washing Machine

This is one of the best washing machines that contains several useful modern feature. This product can be considered as the portable washer with 1-cubic-foot stainless-steel tub that enables to wash up to 6 pounds a time. Amazingly, it is designed with 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles so that your clothes will be cleaned easily and effectively. It also has a great feature with its LED indicator to show up the process of washing. Moreover, functioning with quiet operation, cycle-status lights, end-of-cycle signal, and adjustable levelling legs plays a vital part to promote this washing machine to be well-known. Bring it home for your days without wasting time of washing clothes or other clothing stuffs.



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