Top 10 Best Thermal Imaging Camera Reviews

There are many accidents that are scared as or more than natural disasters. One of those accidents is fire. You may have seen a lot of forests, homes, and buildings are burned down by huge uncontrollable flame. That’s why scientists have invented a tool which is necessary and helpful to firefighter and you as owner of property as well. This product is thermal imaging camera. The thermal camera is a type of thermo-graphic camera showing sign of heat areas through thick smoke and darkness. It is safe to use and helps saving a lot of time to find out where to operate to get effect result.

Buying guideline:
If you decide to buy this high technology equipment, there are a few things you should think of before purchasing. First, you should choose a thermal imaging camera which is suitable to your use, whether you use personally or professionally. Second, it has to be very solid and durable under strong heat and water. Third, choosing based on how modern it is.

You can check out the text below. This article will include the top 10 best thermal imaging cameras from Amazon.

1. FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera

This is an 8 GB image storage thermal imaging camera. It has black color and a stick for handle. It provides high image quality which has 80 by 60 resolution, 150mk sensitivity and 9 Hz refresh rate. These features are as great as shooting camera. Moreover, to ensure user safety, the camera can capture an area spot with radio 24 and 1 distance. This way you will get hurt for getting too close with danger.


2. Seek Thermal Compact Imager for Android

This is a small attaching thermal imaging camera. It is usable with any smartphones which are android. You can connect the camera to phone through charging port. Eventually, you are able to view photo on your screen. This camera transforms the heat level which is from -40 to 626 Fahrenheit degree to certain color. It can detect thermal energy from far distance up to 1000 feet. In addition, since it is small, you can bring it along easily.


3. FLIR 63901-0101 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera

This is a compact high resolution thermal imaging camera. This heat detector is installed with LCD display of 3 inches that shows images in color pixels of 320 by 240. To power this machine, you need a Li-ion battery inside it. This battery is swappable and long lasting for 4 hours. It can get sign temperature from -20 Celsius to 250 Celsius. On the screen, you will get to see exact expect temperature of that area.


4. Seek Thermal XR Imager for iOS-Apple

This is a compact thermal imaging camera for ios. You have seen the device for android, but now it is made for apple model smartphone. Similarly, it is connected to phone via charging port. The camera lens can capture surroundings in 36 degree. Additionally, its sensor is 206 by 156 with 12μ pixel pitch. It can scan heat from minus 40 to 626 Fahrenheit. It is not only for fire, you can use it for other purposes such as hunting, hiking, camping, boating, and more.


5. Seek Reveal All In One Handheld Thermal Imager

This is a handheld thermal imaging camera. It has blue color and design like a mini smartphone. It will fit in perfectly in your palm. This product is shelled with rubber case that guarantees durability. It can operate two functions at once, which are scanning heat level and lighting your way with its 300 lumen LED light. What’s more, the thermal camera contains a slot for micro SD card.


6. Fluke VT04 Infrared Imager

This is a soft carrying thermal imaging camera. This camera has LCD display screen which tells you temperature, distance, battery level, and time. Furthermore, it will limit coolest and hottest areas by illustrating different colors. It is made in China. The product has medium dimensions of 10.8 x 8.5 x 3.5 inches and lightweight of 6.6 pounds. Hence, it will fit in your pocket and small bag.


7. Perfect-Prime IR0002

This is a high resolution thermal imaging camera. It has 3600 pixels resolution. And it can scan heat temperature from minus 20 to 300 Celsius degree. This thermal camera has black and orange highlight color. It has 2.4 inches HD screen. Moreover, the camera is 0.3 mega pixels. This product uses 4 AA size batteries so you are able to change frequently time to time when power off.


8. FLK-TIX500 60HZ Thermal Imager

This is a large troubleshooting thermal imaging camera. Amazingly, the camera of this product can capture situation around in 180 degree. As mentioned it is large so it contains huge and clear display as well. For instance, the screen is 5.7 inches and it is touchscreen. When shooting, you will get images in 640 by 480 ratio. It is like a recorder file for you since everything in that area are counted in.


9. Pyle PTIMGCM83 Infrared IR Thermal Imaging Camera

This is a beautiful thermal imaging camera. It has red color. It is designed with a long stick for full grip. This device is not only used to measure hot thing, but also lowest temperature at a place. In specific, it has sensor temperature measurement range from minus 4 to 572 Fahrenheit. The LCD screen of this device is 2.4 inches. There is a memory card slot inside it that supports micro SD card.


10. Fluke FLK-TIS40 9HZ Thermal Infrared Camera

This is the last recommended fixed focus thermal imaging camera. It is constructed with quite big display which is 3.5 inches. On the device, there are several buttons for setting. The resolution of this camera is 19200 pixels. It has advanced technology of built-in wi-fi that allows you to transfer photos to Fluke cloud storage. For more information, it is ultra-light which only 6.6 pounds.