Top 10 Best Sports Action Cameras

Sport players out there do a lot live activities, and the best sports action cameras will do the job perfectly. Speaking of sports, it requires a lot of actions which is why sport action cameras are what you need. No matter if it is biking, running, or mountain climbing, this type of camera will capture the actions for you. That means you can always have your footage in your memory in great quality, and you can always watch them. This review brings you the best choices of sports action cameras that you will love to have for the adventures.

1. Dragon Touch Sports Action Camera

Dragon Touch has designed this 4K ultra HD action camera which creates professional footages. IT features 2.4G wireless RF remote control that allows you to record in a better way. It has long battery life that you can use up to 90 minutes to work on. This camera also has built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI that allows you to edit and share your progress immediately. It is waterproof which you can bring it down under the water up to 30 meters deep.



2. Campark Wi-Fi Ultra HD Waterproof Sports Camera

With Sony IMX179 sensor, this action camera will record footages for you in HD version. The camera also has wide angle 170 degree lens that capture every single detail for you perfectly. Its Wi-Fi connectivity has a range of 10 meters that allows you to monitor in any time. You can also review videos and photos on your mobile as well which is great. And if you do water sports, this camera is just perfect for you. It is waterproof and has long life battery which is simply flawless.



3. Lightdow HD Sports Action Camera

You should own a sports action camera with great solution, great vision, and great quality. It delivers fast and powerful photo capture with high quality of 12MP at speeds up to 30 fps. The camera supports 12 mega pixel shooting with the immersive 170 degrees wide angle lens. It is durable which is great for any conditions and circumstances. This sports action camera is waterproof which can go down under the water up to 30 meters deep.



4. Vtin 4K Sports Action Camera

Feel free to get incredible footage with this incredible sports action camera. Vtin camera features optional wide angle for you to choose such as 170, 140, 110, and 70 degrees for shooting. It also has 2 inches HD screen for you to view the videos and pictures during the process. You can also take full control of the camera via phone or tablet as well through Wi-Fi connection. This camera has versatile shooting modes that allows you to capture outstanding moments with ease.



5. DBPOWER Waterproof Sports Action Camera

This camera comes with 2 rechargeable batteries that allow you to double record. It has 1.5 inches of HD LCD display which allows you to preview your videos while recording. This camera is so portable due to its lightweight and small size. If you mount it on the helmet or monopod, you won’t even feel the weight. The camera supports TF card up to 32GB which offers 8 hours videos in 720p or 5 hours in 1080p.



6. Lightdow HD Sports Action Camera Bundle

Nothing is better than having the camera that delivers clear vision and good quality images. Lightdow camera supports 12 mega pixel shooting which creates clear and wide angle view for you. Sports players know that they do a lot of activities and only the tough and strong camera can handle that. This sports action camera is durable and waterproof which can withstand extreme environments and conditions that you go through perfectly.



7. Campark Sports Action Video Cameras

Campark has designed this camera with Sony IMX179 sensor that will deliver 4K Ultra HD images. It also has wide angle 170 degree lens that capture every detail in the background and landscape as well. You can manage the camera via Wi-Fi through smartphones to view and share the photos easily. This camera is water resistant which is suitable for water sports players to record their surfing or skiing moments.



8. GoPro HERO 3+

Never forget GoPro camera when it comes to sports actions recording. GoPro delivers the flawless image with quality of full HD 1920 x 1080p that record at 60fps. And it offers HD 1280 x 720p quality that records at 120fps. GoPro camera has ultra wide angle glass lens that capture images and videos with both quality and styles. You can you this GoPro camera with many types of sports like biking, running, racing, and more.



9. Intova Duo Waterproof HD Sports Video Camera

From now on you can produce still images and videos with pro quality during sports easily. It is the waterproof HD video action camera that is simply perfect for sport activities. It delivers 720p HD video resolution and still photo resolution up to 5MP. The camera is waterproof and it can go under the water up to 100 feet deep. It has compact size and lightweight which is comfortable to bring along with and use.



10. Vikeepro Waterproof Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera

If you are looking for the small and portable sports action camera, Vikeepro is right for you. You can slip it in your pocket and take it anywhere you go easily. You can use this camera for both action sports and other outdoor and indoor activities as well. The camera delivers high quality and excellent colors as well as clarity. The 170 degree lens delivers a very wide view that allows you to capture the whole scenery with perfection.



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