Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017

Are you moving into a new house and need quite a few shelving units to store stuffs? Or you might not have a finished basement, and you haven’t figured out how it would be finished yet? Somehow, the storage section of a finished basement is normally not all completed with drywall, part of it will be concrete so it’s a bit difficult to attach something onto. Therefore, all you need is some free-standing shelving units that are not attached to the wall, and have some options to move around later on. At the same time, it is important that the practical stuffs are put orderly and neat. It will be just another room decoration piece, but if it is chosen wisely, it will create a comfortable environment and style to your room. So here we are going to show the list of the best-selling shelving unit in 2017 as described below.

1. Edsal UR364AZ-BLK Steel Storage Rack, 4 Adjustable Shelves with Post Couplers and Plastic End Caps

This is a shelving unit made with steel frame to ensure the high supporting capacity. Somehow, the steel frame is covered with special substance to resist to the corrosion. You can organize your stuffs orderly in the 4 adjustable shelves provided. For more details on the sizes to choose, you can check them out via the link.

Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017


2. AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Unit – Black

Originally created by Amazon basics, this shelving unit can be put practical stuffs on up to five shelves. It will last longer as it is constructed with steel frame covered by black-coated chrome. The overall size is 36x14x72 inches for length, width, and height, and it can support weight up to 350 pounds. You will be able to adjust it yourself without any difficult tools.

2.Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017


3. AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Shelving Unit – Chrome

Here is another shelving unit from Amazon basics, which is divided in 4 shelves. It has a slight different from the previous one as it is made of shiny bright Chrome that will help it to stay lasting. It is such an ideal and functional unit for your office, living room, and others.

3.Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017


4. Gracious Living 4-Shelf Light Duty Shelf Unit

Designed to be in elegantly black color, it is quite easy to install and move around without any serious tools. The overall size is 24in wide, 48in high, and 12in deep. You can put your heavy stuffs up to 55 pounds on one shelf.

4.Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017


5. LANGRIA 5 Tier Heavy Duty Extra Large Storage Organization Rack and Shelving Unit for Garage Kitchen,441 lbs, Black

From LANGRIA, you can choose between 5 and 6 shelves for this shelving unit. With its well-groomed black design, it will fit in any decorations of your place. You can stabilize this unit in place by the rubber-ended feet. Made from waterproof frame, it will be secured from corrosion and rust. It is perfect for those who need a shelving unit in their garage or workshops.

5.Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017


6. LANGRIA 5 Tier Wire Storage Rack Shelving Unit for Organization with Adjustable Leveling Feet 275 lbs Weight Capacity

Another incredible product from LANGRIA with more sizes and colors to choose from, you can either order 3, 4,5 or 6 shelves with black, white or silver color styles. Made to be robust and strong, its support capacity is maximum 275 pounds. With adjustable rubber-ended feet, you can even make it balance on the uneven floor. Especially, it is covered by black waterproof varnish to protect against the corrosion and rust.

6.Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017


7. Furinno 99557BK/GY Turn-N-Tube 4-Tier Compact Multipurpose Shelf, Black/Grey

Seeking for a typical design yet practical for any environments? Well then, we would like to recommend this one to you. You can simply install it by yourself in less than 10 minutes with no necessary tools. Purchase it and be a part of “Go green” for our future environment because it is particularly produced from recycled pvc tube and e2 particleboard.

7.Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017


8. AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Unit on Wheels – Chrome

Want your stuffs to move around over here and there? Then this shelving unit is perfect for you. Equipped with 5 shelves, each of it can carry up to 44 pounds. With shiny chrome finish, it is made to last long as it is made to protect against corrosion and rust.

8.Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017


9. Muscle Rack TRK-361860W4 Depth Steel Shelving Unit, 4-Shelf, 36″ Width x 60″ Height x 18″

Here is a new design from Muscle Rack, which is constructed in Z beam to ensure the stiffness and unbreakable capacity while supporting weight up to 4000 pounds! There are 5 particleboard shelves for you to organize the heavy stuffs. All you need to install this shelving unit is just a hammer for about 1 minutes. It also comes up with 4 choices of size to choose from. Go and check them out!

9.Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017


10. Muscle Rack UR184872-R 5-Shelf Steel Shelving Unit, 48″ Width x 72″ Height x 18″ Length, Red

Until here, we would like to bring your attention to the brightest red shelving unit from Muscle Rack. It is made from steel, and the whole unit only weighs about 54 pounds. The overall height is 72 inches, length is 18 inches, and width is 48 inches. It is perfect for those who want to decorate their room or workplace to be more colorful and bring the attention into a vivid world.

10.Top 10 Best Shelving Unit 2017