Top 10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in 2018 reviews

Have you been busy and haven’t had much time to keep your house clean? Tired of bending down to clean under the furniture, yet still could not clean the area well? To ease such problem, the robot vacuum cleaner is here to help you with the cleaning task. The best robot vacuum cleaner is thoroughly designed with great technology and it is a perfect device to keep you house clean all the time. Having the best robot vacuum cleaner in your house, you will not have to be stress out about the dirt or debris in your house anymore; with just one touch on the power button the vacuum cleaner will run smoothly to the place and it ensures that all the areas are cleaned. Also, with the best robot vacuum cleaner, you can set a schedule for it to clean as well. Therefore, the cleaning task now is on the robot vacuum cleaner’s hand. You can always sit back and relax. In this article, we will bring you the reviews of the best robot vacuum cleaners which is designed with care and could offer great quality.

1. iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

If you have been looking for a convenient and effective robot vacuum cleaner for your house, this is the best choice for you. The iRobot vacuum cleaners makes the best robot vacuum cleaner as this cleaner comes with the iAdapt navigation which uses a full of sensor to easily adapt to the change of your house. On top of that, this robot vacuum cleaner features up to 3 stages of cleaner such as agitate, brush and suction the floor, so that you now you fully rely on this robot vacuum for cleaning your house. Besides, the iRobot vacuum cleaner has got a smart system which automatically docks and recharges. It comes in a right size and height of 3.6 inch tall which enable this vacuum cleaner to go under any furniture easily. This convenient cleaner could adjust automatically to all the floor types.


2. ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The ECOVACS robot vacuum cleaner is the best cleaner which is designed with a great technology and this special robot vacuum cleaner features great design which offers maximum convenience to the user. This robot vacuum cleaner can be control through your smartphone. On your smartphone, you could keep track with cleaning schedule and session, accessory status, battery life as well as receive error alert. The smart motion navigation and 3-tier system of this vacuum cleaner enables direct suction vacuum, helix brush-roll, dual side brushes which could clean the floor better than other vacuum cleaner. Moreover, the battery life of this vacuum cleaner could last up to 100 minutes and the vacuum cleaner features anti-collision along with drop sensor protection which could make the vacuum cleaner safe to use.


3. Eufy RoboVac 11+, High Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Designed and made using high technology, the Eufy robot vacuum cleaner is the best robot vacuum cleaner that you should take into consideration. This special cleaner features power boost technology which is a brand new technology that is used to increase the suction capacity as well as the vacuum strength. In addition, the Eufy robot vacuum cleaner features 3 great functions included redesigned rolling brush which is wider and reduces trapping rugs and sheets, two side brushes, and powerful suction which ensures better cleaning. With a high capacity battery, this robot vacuum cleaner could run up to 100 minutes. Also, it is equipped with protection features that come with anti-scratch tempered glass. The special sensor is designed for avoiding the obstacle while cleaning. Therefore, this special robot vacuum cleaner makes the best choice for modern lifestyle.


4. ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Ilife robot vacuum cleaner is a convenient and modern robot vacuum cleaner which comes with 3 cleaning system along with strong suction which offers through and good cleaning performance within a period of time. Moreover, the Ilife robot vacuum cleaner features the automatic feature which allows it to works automatic according to the cleaning schedule that you have set and it will get back to the station for charging up when the battery is low. Besides, this robot vacuum cleaner comes with multiple smart functions which could prevent bumping or falling. Even special, it will explore any area just for cleaning up, you can be assure that the whole place will stay clean as you have this robot vacuum cleaner in your house. To be notice, the battery of this vacuum cleaner is pretty strong as it could last up to 140 minutes.


5. iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner makes an ideal robot vacuum cleaner which you could take into account. This special robot vacuum cleaner supports Wifi connection which allows you to easily control this device. The iRobot home app is perfectly designed to ensure the convenience for user. It allows you to set schedule for the vacuum to clean. With the patented 3-stage cleaning system along with dual multi-surface brush ensures very well cleaning performance as it could pick up the debris from any area. In addition, this robot vacuum cleaner comes with dirt detect sensor which pushes the vacuum to work harder and clean the dirt area of your house. The full suite of intelligent sensor is designed to guide the vacuum to go under the furniture for more thorough cleaning. The iRobot vacuum cleaner would make the best choice to keep your house clean.


6. Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coming up on the 5th place of this list, the Deik is considered as one among those the best robot vacuum cleaners which are available on the market. The Deik robot vacuum cleaner is a 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner as it features 2 side brushes, V-shaped rolling brush and water tank; altogether they will work to sweep, vacuum as well as mop the floor. Have this vacuum cleaner, you will be surprise how well it could keep the cleanness in your house. On top of that, the robot vacuum cleaner comes with 5 cleaning modes such as S-shaped route, auto cleaning, spot cleaning, wall follow cleaning, and Turbo boost cleaning. You can easily schedule the cleaning for daily cleaning. With a smart design, this cleaner comes in just a right size for it to be able to enter any area for cleaning up. Also, the smart sensor is built to prevent this vacuum cleaner from bumping or falling.


7. Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Housemile robot vacuum cleaner is being rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and this robot vacuum cleaner is available on sale with just $99.99. This special robot vacuum features premium functions including infrared-sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech which is designed to avoid the vacuum from falling. With a high quality battery, the robot vacuum cleaner could run up to over 1.5 hour. Additionally, the vacuum features 2 work modes which allow the setting for working hour of this vacuum according to the size of the room. The 2 side brush of the vacuum could clean and brush all the debris in any area. The low profile design of this vacuum allows the vacuum to go down easily under any kind of furniture.


8. PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Are you looking for a convenient and well-designed robot vacuum cleaner for your house? If so, this is the best choice for you to consider. The PureClean robot vacuum cleaner is a brand new robot vacuum cleaner which is equipped with more advanced program to make the cleaning process better and easier. This special vacuum cleaner is a very simple one to use and it is a wireless vacuum which is for cleaning hard floor as well as carpet. With just one touch on power button, this vacuum cleaner will run immediately. It comes with dual 2 side brush which is capable of collecting all the dust and debris. On top of that, the anti-falling sensor will keep this vacuum going safety and avoid bumping into furniture.


9. ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

The ILIFE V3s is an affordable robot vacuum cleaner which is designed which a modern technology. Different from the other robot vacuum cleaner, this device features pet hair care technology which allows the cleaner to work perfectly in picking up debris as well as hair. With a low profile design, this robot vacuum cleaner could go under any furniture and reach to any area just to pick up the dirt. It is a convenient robot vacuum cleaner as it comes with a self-charging system, and you can also set a schedule for this device to clean the place. The smart sensor of this robot vacuum cleaner is designed to anti-bumping and it could also avoid dropping. It is an ideal robot vacuum cleaner which is designed for hard wood floor.


10. Dibea D960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A tough and powerful robot vacuum cleaner, the Dibea D960 is a favorable robot vacuum cleaner which you should not miss out. The Dibea vacuum cleaner offers a very high quality performance as the vacuum comes with 3-stage cleaning system with powerful suction which ensures very good cleaning performance. Also, this robot vacuum cleaner works perfectly on all type of floor. It comes with several cleaning modes which you can adjust to fit with the type of floor. This vacuum works perfectly and quietly with its advanced brush that could collect all the debris from any corner of the place. On top of that, this vacuum cleaner has a special stylish design that features anti-scratch glass on top along with 3 inch compact design which allows the vacuum to go under any furniture easily. You can set the schedule and also controlling this vacuum is easy as long as you have the remote.


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