Top 10 Best Portable Screen Projectors

You know you need the best portable screen projectors with you If you do presentations in different places a lot. Screen projector is the standard screen that allows you to view images, videos, and files from the laptop through projector. However, if you work in the company or have a lot of workshop to conduct, you need the portable ones. You can also use it for movie nights at the party, camping, or picnic as well. Portable screen projectors are easy to keep, install, and bring along with to places. You can fold it and keep it in the back of your car easily. And here is the 10 best choices of portable screen projectors.

1. Excelvan Outdoor Portable Screen Projector

With the professional rolling design, you can easily pack and store this portable projector without pressure. Its dimension of screen is 16:9 which offers wide viewing area with crystal clear image resolution. This screen projector also has side strap that secure the rolling and placing from rolling out. You can bring it to different places and use it in any purposes easily. This screen projector is ideal for home theater movies, classroom training, conference presentations, and more.



2. VIVO Portable Screen Projector

This one is the heavy duty portable screen projector that can withstand daily usage for home or business. It delivers wide viewing angle up to 120 degree which is clear and comfortable to watch. The screen projector has MaxWhite 1.1 gain screen with standard black backing to eliminate light penetration. It also has four side borders that enhance picture contrast and absorb light overshoot. This screen projector also has auto-locking mechanism that makes it easy for you to adjust height.



3. Pyle Portable Pull-Out Style Screen Projector

Pyle has designed the new style screen projector that is easy to use with quick setup in just seconds. With premium matter fabric viewing screen material, it delivers clear and high quality image view for you eyes perfectly. The screen projector is lightweight, compact which is easy to use and bring along with. It also comes with a protective travel case style which makes traveling with it even easier. The screen projector is stain and mildew resistant which is durable to use for years.



4. Epson Duet Dual Aspect Ratio Projector Screen

Forget about messed up and difficult screen projector installment now with this screen projector. You can enjoy fast and easy setup with the innovative and patent-pending design from it in seconds. With the standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9, you can expand the screen to the size that meets your needs. You can mount this screen projector on the included floor stand or on a wall with the included wall bracket easily. It is simply the great choice to choose.



5. Elite Screens Tripod Adjustable Portable Screen Projector

If you use the screen projector in your project a lot, you need to have the heavy duty ones. It is the special screen projector that has multi-layer weave with 180 degree wide viewing angle. It also has full black backed front projection screen with textured surface as well. All of these work together to deliver smooth images to the audience with quality. While the auto-locking mechanism provides a wide range of height settings and easy operation for you.



6. Visual Apex Portable Screen Projector

This screen projector comes with high standard and quality of cinematic view for you. The viewing angle of the screen projector is 160 degree with black back front projection screen. The screen material is UV protected as well as mildew resistant which is durable and last for years. You can wash the screen as well, spray it with the hose if you want to. This portable screen projector comes in a set of screen material, frame, carry bag, and ground stakes.



7. Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Screen Projector

Camp Chef has designed a 120 inches screen size outdoor screen projector for movies both outdoor and indoor. It has the 600D Oxford nylon screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. The construction makes the screen’s performance great and smooth which is perfect to have. The scree projector comes in a kit that includes four guy ropes with stakes for stability and easy setup. It also includes separate heavy duty storage bags for both screen and frame as well.



8. Excelvan Portable Screen Projector

You can get clear and nice view this portable screen projector easily as it has 84 inches and 16:9 screen. You can fasten the screen easily with the Velcros packaged in the corner and at the side. The dimension of the screen is wide which delivers clear and comfortable viewing area. You can package and roll this screen projector professionally which is easy to use. It is the perfect choice for home theater movie, education, public display, and more purposes.



9. VonHaus Tripod Screen Projector

Welcome to the perfect screen for power point presentation platform with VonHaus screen projector. With the 84 inches tripod HDTV, this screen projector is always ready to display your project. It is the lightweight portable office presentation screen that is perfect for every project you have. You can fold this screen flat for easy transportation and storage in just seconds which is so easy. It is perfect for school, work, public, home, basically everywhere.



10. JaeilPLM Portable Outdoor Screen Projector

It is the high quality screen projector with the dimension of 1:9 ratio screen. The screen projector is extremely light and convenient to carry around no matter where you go. It comes with clear installation instruction that takes no more that 10 minutes to get the whole thing ready. This screen projector also has stand that is absolutely easy to setup for the project. You can use it for movie nights with family and friends, camping, parties, and more.



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