Top 10 Best Gimbals for GoPro

When it comes to flawless photos and films by GoPro, you have to make sure you have gimbal in your hand. Gimbal has one significant job, to keep your camera steady while shooting to produce great quality of the work. If you out there and shoot empty-handed, you need to come back here and shop one gimbal for your GoPro. And here is the review of top 10 bets gimbals for GoPro cameras that you can choose. They are the best among the best choices, so you can pick any gimbal that you think you like.

1. Feiyutech 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for GoPro

No matter if your GoPro camera is HERO 3, 3+, or 4, they will all fit in this gimbal. The gimbal is powered by 3-axis which is easy to use while holding or standing the GoPro. Also, it has the features of 320 degrees pan, tilt rotation, and 100 degree roll rotation. That means you can shoot for every angle no matter where you go. The rubber handle feels great in hand which is comfortable for you to use as it provides firm grip.



2. EVO Gimbals 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro

EVO Gimbals has designed this gimbal for GoPro cameras owner out there to record easier and better. It features 3-Axis precision that eliminates shaky videos while allowing you to shoot easily with great quality. It takes just a few seconds to set up your GoPro inside this gimbal which is quick and convenient. The gimbal features high power, high torque motors that deliver unparalleled level of stabilization performance. Feel free to record cinematic footage quality with your GoPro now.



3. Roxant Stabilizer for GoPro

Roxant has included superior desigin into this gimbal stabilizer to make you record better with GoPro. What you will get in your footage is the pro style that has less motion and less shake compared the others. You can shoot your film without pressure with the features of super solid and shake free from the gimbal. The grip of the gimbal is non-slip which you can hold firmly in hand without worrying it would slip.



4. Floureon Mini Tripod Handle Stabilizer for GoPro

What you will get is this special Flureon mini tripod for GoPro which you can use for filming. The gimbal is lightweight and portable along with pocket size that you can use for traveling. With this mini stabilizer, you can easily bring it along with to places to shoot. It has the sturdy construction that is made of hard plastic with the design of three-leg support. The gimbal has anti-slip rubber on the feet to hold GoPro securely. It is easy to set up, mount the camera, and use which is great.



5. Feiyutech Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro

This is the wearable gimbal stabilizer for GoPro that you can easily use and mount on other objects. It is the most portable handheld and mountable gimbal ever created. This 3-axis gimbal is compatible with GoPro HERO3, 3+, and 4, and other cameras as well. It has a GoPro T-Clamp adapter that makes it easy for you to attach to any accessory easily. Also, it has the tripod mounts that allow you to mount the gimbal on different orientations like helmets, bikes, etc.



6. Feiyutech G4-QD Gimbal for GoPro

It is the latest model of the Feiyu handheld gimbal for GoPro cameras. The new feature is that you can use the gimbal with not only just GoPro, but also with other cameras. As long as the camera is 33mm to 46mm tall and as thick as GoPro, this gimbal is right for them. It has the new quick disbursement feature that allows for easy connecting and disconnecting to the camera. You can rotate, tilt, and roll the gimbal to different angle easily, and you will have amazing footages for sure.



7. Feiyutech G3 Ultra 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for GoPro

Forget about the wires and screws that you used to connect from the gimbal to GoPro. This new gimbal from Feiyutech features new upgrades that allow quick clamps and unclamps. Get ready to capture stabilized video with your GoPro HERO 3, 3+ and 4 now with this gimbal. What you will surely have is the amazing stabilizer that helps you create breathtakingly high quality footages. It has portable size that fits your pocket, fits your hand, and go everywhere with you.



8. CamKix Stabilizing Hand Grip for GoPro

This is the versatile photo and video kit that you can use in various ways to create great films. The dual mount allows you to record video with 2 different camera angles simultaneously at once. You can trust that you will produce stead shots and selfies no matter what activities you have. You might do sports, tutorials, or travel footages, and this gimbal will make the quality perfect for you. Let’s get ready to shoot high quality photos and videos now with this gimbal.



9. MiPremium ProFloat Waterproof Floating Gimbal for GoPro

If you plan to have an adventure at the sea, lake, or whatever water places, take this gimbal with you. You know you will record all sports activities and the whole trip, and this gimbal is just right for the situation. It has the floating handler that will keep the GoPro on the water surface which you know you won’t lose it. The grip has the bright orange color which is eye catching and easy to recognize from the distance. This gimbal is easy to use and perfect to have, you need one of it.



10. Ikan FLY-X3-Go 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro

Here is the GoPro gimbal stabilizer that you need to have for outdoor activities since it is the right choice. The size of this gimbal is portable enough to fit in your pocket or backpack pocket which you can take. It has been pre-programmed which is ready for you to use as soon as you take out of the box. You can control this gimbal in either using hand control of wired remote control which is easy and convenient. It has the 5-way joystick feature that offers complete control over pan, tilt, and mode selection.



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