Top 10 Best Fragrance for Women in 2016

Women are the one who mostly care about their beauty and appearance. Body smelling is one of the most important part of beauty which everyone always care about. Having apply the best quality perfume, you will have a really good day outing. On account of buying a perfume, have you already know what kind of smell of brand will fit with you the most? Do you know where to get the information of it? Do you even know the reliable place to buy the product? If this is the problem, please don’t worry about that because now we are writing a description about top ten perfume which will help you the most! Stay tuned!

1.Versace Bright Crystal

Now come the most attractive and lovely bright crystal perfume for women. You will never know how much it worth using this product if you never try using it once. The perfume is made of very good quality both from natural and scientific innovation, making this perfume become the best in quality. Besides, seeing the design of its bottle, you will feel like wanting to use it automatically. Finding a way of happiness using this perfume!



2.Vera Wang Princess

Get the feeling of being a princess today by using this princess liked perfume! The smell of this product was known to be greatly sweet and awesome. It come along with the scent sparkles with the captivating, sweet aroma of delicate lady apples and dreamy water lily. Wearing this fragrance, you can feel the real beautiful garden in front of you, delivered the smell of all kind of flower to your nose!! Freshly wear all day!!! Enjoy the amazing smell now!



3.Guess Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Here come another good quality and well-made perfume which won’t regret you for using it. What is the good thing about this perfume is that it was made originally from the nature. It have a light smell but good at keeping the smell last long until the end of the day. Some people will easily get allergy or headaches smelling the perfume, but with this one, you won’t get that feeling. Good at protecting!!! You should buy it!



4.D & G Light Blue

Here come again to the most small and light perfume which is really fit with every one of you. If you’re a person who always get attack by the smell of perfume, you will be ok meeting this one because it is known to have great light and small smell. It have an amazing and awesome spring and summer scent, light, fresh, and a nice citrus scent. Besides, it come with small bottle and lightweight which allow you to bring along with easily and comfortably.



5.Queen Latifah Queen

Welcome to the most popular and well-known perfume which come along with many things to satisfy you. It is known to be so soft and feminine without being overtly “girly”. This is really a scent for a women. Moreover, it has a caramel and coconut undertone with hints of citrus and a slightly woody base. After a few spray of this perfume, I’m sure you will fall instantly in love with the soft smell of it!! Awesome and worth using!! You should have try it!



6.Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist, Love Spell, 8.4 Ounce

Spreading the smell of the perfectness from you with this brand new Victoria’s Secret, which was widely known all over the world. This perfume is not only give you the perfect smell but also give rich benefit to your skin as well. This perfume was made of naturally conditioning aloe, oat and grape seed extracts, and nourishing vitamins e and c, which are all the best material in doing the perfume. Hearing this, what are you waiting for? Go and buy it!



7.Guess Seductive

Here come the most five star rating product of the year, which mean for the customer recommending it to other younger generation buyer. It come along with a great smell, with soft, light, barely there scent which mean good for you. Moreover, this product was made of sustain which will stay last long on your body, your skin, protecting you from spreading bad smell to the other. You will have a whole day confident of great smell on your body! Highly recommend product!



8.Versace Crystal Noir

Having a great time apply this perfume to your body without any worry or afraid because this is a really special perfume product. It was made from freshly material and original nature which can be used with all types of skin. Anyways, long lasting function make the perfume even more special because you will happily doing your work without worry about your body smell. Awesome product that you should have!



9.Versace Yellow Diamond

By just looking to the design of the bottle, you will know already that it is the perfume for women. The design of its appearance is pretty lovely and attractive. Anyways, having just the design is not enough, but it is come with the most beautiful sweet smell you have ever smell before. You will find out that after wearing this perfume, everyone in the room can feel the smell of you. Oh! It wonderful having this feeling! Buy it now!



10.Marc Jacobs Women’s Daisy

Welcome to the latest innovation of the perfume in years. Making of the best quality material and element, this perfume become the most popular product that everyone is falling in love with it. Moreover, this product was known to have the greatest smell which will stay comfort on your body for so long time until the end of the day! Stay tuned and happy to buy this product! I’m sure you’ll love it!



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