Top 10 Best Canon Lens 2016 Review

To get the best photos, you need to have the best canon lens of 2016 that this review brings you. Adding a canon lens is like having an extra ingredient to make your pictures look more fabulous and breathtaking. Canon lens is the special accessory for Canon camera to get better and clearer images. You know the resolution is higher and smoother which is exactly what every photographer want to have in their work. It is like making dream comes true seeing your photos come out with perfection. So here the top 10 best Canon lens 2016 review that you can use for extra information and purchase lens.

1. Canon EF 50mm STM Lens

This is the lens with 50mm of focal length and the maximum aperture of f/1.8 for you to attach to camera. It is the perfect choice for portraits, action, and nighttime photography as it works great and delivers incredible images. This lens provides the minimum focusing distance of 1.15ft with the maximum magnification of 0.21x. It also has STM that provides the near silent and continuous Mover Servo AF for movies and smooth AF for stills.



2. Canon EF-S 24mm STM Lens

This lens is the slimmest and lightest lens ever of the EF-S series that you might want for your Canon. It is the wide angle lens for Canon APS-C cameras that you can use to capture circular aperture of 7 blades. You will surely get the beautiful and soft backgrounds in every image you take with the lens attached. It has the full-time manual focus that allows manual focus adjustment while you’re in One Shot AF mode.



3. Canon EF 75-300mm Telephoto Zoom Lens

This lens has the improved mechanism that makes zooming smoother with the front part of zoom ring sports silver ring. It allows 4.9 foot of closest focusing distance with 32 to 8 degrees of diagonal angle of view for you. This lens the telephoto zoom model that comes with f/4-5.6 maximum aperture for Canon SLR cameras. It is measured to be 2.8 inches in diameter and 4.8 inches long with the weight of 16.8 ounces.



4. Canon EF 24-105mm USM Lens

Canon has designed this lens with ring-type USM system that delivers silent but quick autofocus with full-time manual focus. With image stabilizer technology, the camera still stays steady with shake at up to 3 stops. The lens also features 1 super UD glass element and 3 asperical lenses that minimize chromatic aberration and distortion. It is also dust and moisture resistant which is perfect pretty much for everywhere you take it to.



5. Altura Photo Professional HD Wide Angle Lens

Altura has designed a lens that will instantly expand the field of view for breathtaking wide-angle photography for you. You can easily screw it on the front of your lens as it also features a detachable macro lens too. That macro lens delivers extremely high-resolution close-ups of small subjects perfectly. This lens is compact, lightweight, and durable which makes a great choice for you to select for your camera.



6. Canon EF-S 55-250mm Telephoto Zoom Lens

It is easy to take your photography to the next level by just using this telephoto zoom lens. This lens is designed with Canon’s optical image stabilizer technology which offers great images even from the distance. It delivers high zoom ratio that is equivalent to a focal length of 88-400mm. It uses a UD glass lens element that works great to correct chromatic aberration for excellent image quality. The lens is lightweight and compact which is simply the best choice for distance photoshoot.



7. Canon EF-S 10-18mm STM Lens

This STM lens is the ultra wide zoom lens that help your camera to get better, clearer, and closer images. The focal length and maximum aperture of this lens is 10-18mm, 1:4.5 to 5.6. That means it allows you to capture the photos with closest focusing distance up to 0.72ft. It also features stepping motor function for noise-free video shooting as well which is absolutely convenient to use. It will bring you the optical image stabilize mode for clear and perfect photos.



8. Canon EF 70-200m USM Telephoto Zoom Lens

This one is the telephoto zoom lens that comes with EF mount for greater images in your photo shoot. The lens has ultra-low dispersion glass that features inner focusing with full-time manual focus for you as well. It has 4 UD-glass elements that will correct all chromatic aberrations which leaves your photo with smooth and soft background. Let’s get ready to the journey of finest and best photos now with this amazing lens.



9. Canon EF 24-70mm USM Standard Zoom Lens

Who doesn’t want fast auto focusing, right? The question is how to get that feature to your camera. With ring USM, high speed CPU, and image optimized AF algorithms, this lens will give you the fastest auto focusing. It is optimized lens that comes with coating for exceptional color balance and minimal ghosting. This lens also features florine coating on front and rear lens surfaces to reduce smears and fingerprints. It comes with great quality, and you know it is right for you to choose.



10. Canon EF 70-200mm Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

Work quietly, and get the result of perfect clear photos is what every photographer wants in their outcomes. This is the telephoto zoom lens that comes with f/44 maximum aperture for Canon SLR cameras. It has the inner focusing system and ring-type ultra-sonic monitor that delivers quick and quiet auto focusing for you. The lens has close-focusing up to 3.9 foot in the distance which supports use of circular polarizing filter. It looks cool, stylish, and it works great for photography.



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